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The atmosphere of Christmas in Trentino is unique: sounds, lights, colours, scents and emotions that take us back in time.
The twinkle of the warm lights that decorate the historic centres, cobbled streets and small squares set up with care for the approach of Christmas. The spectacle of the large Christmas trees, spruce or white firs raised in the centre of the main square, is an everlasting presence in every village. The scent of the Christmas sweets fill the streets from the first days of Advent while the traditional delights of Christmas are prepared almost everywhere. Alongside refined organic panettone and pandoro, unsurpassed Italian classics, the local tradition offers spiced biscuits and Zelten. Christmas can also be experienced with touch, sinking your hands in the fresh snow, to make a snowball or even a snowman, while around you the atmosphere becomes still and peaceful.


Date: 12/11/2020 - 01/10/2021

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