Deer love songs

Deer love songs

Title: Deer love songs

Event: Deer love songs

Length: 00:15:36.41

Location: Parchi del Trentino

Publication day: Tuesday 10 October 2017

Registration day: Tuesday 18 August 2020


Trentino’s UNESCO-protected landscapes are famous. What fewer people know, however, is that it’s also a region of exceptional biodiversity. 30,000 wild goats, 27,000 chamois and 10,000 deer live here, along with brown bears, lynx, capercaillie and golden eagles. In late September and early October the red deer take centre stage, during the autumn rut: and put on a display of power and aggression made all the more memorable by its mountain setting.

Dusk is the best moment to witness it, as the rays of the setting sun light up the yellowing larches. It’s at this moment that our guided walks begin. In the company of Park Rangers, guests hike up into the forests, their footsteps muffled by carpets of fallen needles, until the silence is shattered by the bellowing stags. The roars are a show of strength, and when another male responds, the ritual gathers pace.

(Interviews in Italian)

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